Contrary to what you’ve been told Tikkun Olam “isn’t the province of man at all; it is instead the work of G-d”

How American Jews Came to Believe That Tikkun Olam Was at the Core of Their Tradition
Michael Weingrad
August 1, 2018

…Tikkun olam is often translated as “repairing [or healing] the world.” For American Jews it refers more particularly to a Judaism based on, or indistinguishable from, social-justice activism and left-liberal politics. Found nowhere in the Bible, the phrase appears in rabbinic and kabbalistic literature as a rather technical term with meanings having little or nothing to do with partisan politics, let alone with the “world.” And yet, as Jonathan Neumann writes in his new book, To Heal the World?: How the Jewish Left Corrupts Judaism and Endangers Israel, tikkun olam is…READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Melanie Phillips: Judaism Under Attack: The Orwellian Hijack of Tikkun Olam Neumann  [author of To Heal The World] is not the first to point out that the apparent origin of tikkun olam in the mystical “aleinu” prayer has been fundamentally misrepresented. In the context of that prayer, it is the Almighty himself in whom hope is invested to “perfect the world under the kingdom of God.” In other words, tikkun olam isn’t the province of man at all; it is instead the work of God.

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