Israel’s fourth-election-in-two-years : Bibi “facing for the first time two strong adversaries to his right”

Buckle up for the ugliest election Israel has ever known
by Yaakov Katz
December 22, 2020

Here is one thing that should be immediately clear: The next three months are going to be some of the ugliest in Israel’s history. It is true that the last two years were no picnic. Israel went through three election campaigns and two years of mudslinging and fighting between political parties that constantly failed to find a way to work together for the benefit of the true sovereign power in this country – the Israeli people. It is also true that Israel is divided like never before in recent history. The old Sephardi-Ashkenazi ethnicity card is thrown around once again, the Right continues to look down on the Left, and the Left continues to mock the Right. READ MORE

AL JAZEERA Israel to hold snap election in March, fourth in two years Israel’s parliament was dissolved on Wednesday after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s fractured ruling coalition failed to pass a budget, triggering the country’s fourth election in two years amid public anger over Netanyahu’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Netanyahu and his former election rival, Defence Minister Benny Gantz, established a unity government in May in the wake of three inconclusive elections held since April 2019, but the coalition had been inching towards collapse for weeks, undermined by mutual acrimony and mistrust.

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