Dalton School teacher’s demands include “hiring 12 full-time diversity officers, and multiple psychologists to support students “coping with race-based traumatic stress”

Guess what happened after a pricey NYC private school issued an “antiracism manifesto”
by Jazz Shaw
December 21, 2020

Our story takes place at The Dalton School, an expensive private academy on Manhattan’s posh Upper East Side. The school counts many celebrities and other famous folks among its almuni, including Anderson Cooper and Christian Slater. Parents who manage to land their children in the college prep academy shell out more than $50K per year for the honor. But now they’re running into a bit of a problem. The school is experiencing what the New York Post describes as an “uproar” after a number of faculty members signed off on an antiracism manifesto” that includes a list of demands for the school to meet so they can combat systemic racism or whatever else they’re complaining about. And many of the parents aren’t having it. READ MORE

BREITBART Website Invites Parents to Track ‘Woke’ Curriculum in Schools A new website is tracking woke curriculum and liberal indoctrination in schools and invites parents to submit examples from their children’s schools. The website, titled “What Are They Learning?,” describes itself as a “crowd-sourced site created by Luke Rosiak, an investigative journalist and data analyst.

NEW DISCOURSES The University as the Woke Mission Field: A Dissident Women’s Studies Ph.D. Speaks Out I have a Ph.D. in Women’s Studies, but I’m not woke anymore. I write under a pseudonym because, if my colleagues were to find out about my criticisms of this field, I would be unable to find any employment in academia. That someone who critiques the axioms of a field of study feels compelled to write under an assumed name tells you everything you need to know about the authoritarianism underpinning this ideology.

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