“A review of recent scholarship on the shaping of the modern Middle East in the aftermath of the Holocaust”

The Nazi Roots of Islamist Hate
Jeffrey Herf
July 5, 2022

…In the past 30 years, historical scholarship has confirmed what American liberals and leftists, French Socialists, Communists, and Gaullists, and Communists in the Soviet Union, Poland, and Czechoslovakia understood at the time. The realities of Palestinian nationalist collaboration with the Nazis were a matter of public knowledge and opprobrium around the world in the immediate postwar years, when American liberals in Congress, such as Senator Robert F. Wagner and Congressman Emanuel Celler, the editors of The Nation magazine, the leftist dailies PM and the New York Post, and leaders of the American Zionist Emergency Council, as well as Simon Wiesenthal in Vienna, published documents from German government files offering compelling evidence of Amin al-Husseini’s enthusiasm for the Nazis and his visceral hatred of Judaism, Jews, and the Zionist project. READ MORE

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