Tom Stoppard’s “Leopoldstadt” is a “brilliant depiction of a Viennese family lost to the Holocaust and a personal reckoning for an author trying to live without links to the past”

Mourning a failed escape from history for assimilated Jews
Jonathan S Tobin
October 3, 2022

…“Leopoldstadt,” which premiered in London in 2020 before its initial run was cut short by the coronavirus pandemic, finally had its long-postponed Broadway opening this week in a limited engagement at the Longacre Theater that is scheduled to end in January. Any play with the kind of buzz that preceded this one, marking it as the major event of the new season before it even began, might be bound to disappoint. But “Leopoldstadt” does not. It’s two hours and ten minutes without an intermission of drama, leading inevitably to tragedy, maintains Stoppard’s reputation as an author of dialogue that is destined for collections of brilliant quotes. More importantly, though not without its flaws, the play also adds a late-career triumph to Stoppard’s resume that will be looked upon as a not insignificant contribution to the literature of the Holocaust. READ MORE

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