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“If Orthodox Jews were really to blame for spreading the coronavirus, as the mayor asserted, why weren’t their neighborhoods added to his ‘hardest hit’ list designated to receive the vaccine ASAP?”

TABLET MAG De Blasio’s Perfect Patsies by Liel Leibovitz December 28, 2020 Are the Jews to blame for spreading COVID-19 throughout New York City? That’s what Mayor Bill de Blasio suggested in an inflammatory tweet back in April, which, in … Continue reading

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“Power-drunk NY bureaucrats are now menacing people in the name of public health, ostensibly with the blessing of the governor, who has repeatedly singled out Orthodox Jews”

WASHINGTON EXAMINER New York’s crackdown on Jewish businesses makes no public health sense by Melissa Braunstein October 30, 2020 Nobody is tossing tea into New York Harbor, but restlessness appears to be growing in Brooklyn. Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo complained earlier … Continue reading

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“Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani among those attacked by radical leftists during a Trump campaign event in Manhattan. NYPD officers arrest seven protesters”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS) Brawl erupts at ‘Jews for Trump’ event in NYC by Daniel Cohen and Staff October 26, 2020 Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was attacked by a mob of anti-Trump activists on Sunday, … Continue reading

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“Many of the liberal progressives who voted for Mayor Bill de Blasio are now horrified by his handling of the pandemic and the rejiggering of the economic and social order”

AMERICAN SPECTATOR Rotten apple: New Yorkers are fleeing to the suburbs by Philip Delves Broughton September 28, 2020 …Demand for housing in [New York’s] suburbs has exploded. Real-estate agents are reporting bidding wars and cash offers on even the most … Continue reading

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“Without a word of warning to residents or elected officials, the Department of Homeless Services, citing “emergency Covid powers,” in May moved more than 100 single men into the boutique Belnord Hotel on a quiet residential block of West 87th Street”

WALL STREET JOURNAL ‘Covid Powers’ Wreck My Neighborhood by Julia Vitullo-Martin August 12, 2020 For many years I’ve lived in par­adise—the Up­per West Side. We have con­vivial neigh­bors, beau­ti­ful build­ings, great sub­ways, ex­cel­lent the­ater and dance, fine li­braries and book­stores, … Continue reading

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“The mayor’s targeting of Jews as pandemic scofflaws was outrageous, yet it shows the way the virus brings out the dictator in some politicians”

JNS What’s behind de Blasio’s anti-Semitic outburst? The authoritarian impulse by Jonathan Tobin April 30, 2020 …Nor is there any way to treat this as a simple misunderstanding. As numerous observers immediately pointed out, it’s impossible to imagine de Blasio’s … Continue reading

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“The sheer amount of interaction that religious Jews have with their communities made Orthodox Jewish communities Ground Zero for the coronavirus”

ELDER OF ZIYON Religious Jews are among the biggest victims of COVID-19 Sunday, March 29, 2020 Boro Park. Flatbush. Crown Heights. Forest Hills. Fresh Meadows. Every single New York neighborhood with a large religious Jewish population has the highest percentage … Continue reading

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New York City march on antisemitism: “That the march drew together so many disparate elements of the Jewish community also may have stemmed from careful planning”

THE NEW YORK JEWISH WEEK 25,000 People March Against Anti-Semitism In New York City by Doug Chandler January 6, 2020 Joined by city & state officials, marchers from disparate parts of the Jewish community came together today to protest a … Continue reading

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NYC: Palestinian charges stage at Lincoln Square Synagogue; NYPD removes mob of anti-Israel protesters — no arrests made [VIDEO]

THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR Palestinian Man Storms Manhattan Synagogue, Cursing in Arabic by Paul Miller October 30, 2017 A male in his twenties, identifying himself as Palestinian, jumped over a seat barrier and charged the stage at the Lincoln Square Synagogue … Continue reading

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Student subject of anti-Semitic bullying, forced to transfer from Manhattan public school

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS School bullying of another kind: Political correctness fuels nastiness at Beacon High School by Marco Greenberg September 8, 2016 “You say that in front of people of color,” a fellow student challenged my daughter in the … Continue reading

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