Gruber-Gate and Smug Filled Rooms @ObamaCare

by Clarice Feldman
November 16, 2014

As the story broke bit by bit over the internet — one angry citizen’s (Rich Weinstein) research established that MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, a major architect and salesman for ObamaCare, boasted in 6 separate videos that he lied and that voters were “too stupid” to catch on — we got to see inside what Professor Charles Lipson smartly coined “the smug filled rooms” of the Capitol.

Many observed the only “stupid” people were the Democrats who — without a single Republican vote — twisted parliamentary procedure to pass this into law, accepting California’s constitutional genius Nancy Pelosi’s admonition, “we have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.”

The revelations could not have come at a worse time for the administration. For one thing, the Supreme Court just granted certiorari in the King case. That case tests whether the clear language of the ObamaCare subsidies for those who sign up under state-run plans was improperly extended by IRS to signers on the federal website, a bit of administration legerdemain to keep ObamaCare viable after 37 states refused to set up state insurance exchanges.

You see, Gruber’s arrogance revealed that the scheme was not only contrary to the clear language of the statute, but as well to the intent of its authors. He has gravely undercut the administration’s argument to look beyond the language to sustain their expansion of it. While countless Democrats — including especially Nancy Pelosi  — who credited and relied on Gruber’s work now act as if they never heard of him, they can’t so easily dispose of him and his role in the creation of Obamacare…..


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