Paul Vallas polls ahead in upcoming Chicago mayoral primary

The Gloves Are Off In The Chicago Mayor’s Race
Steve Huntley
January 22, 2023

…According to a poll released the same day that the Tribune broke the story about the Madigan phone conversation, Garcia has already lost his frontrunner status to former Chicago schools chief Paul Vallas.…It’s Vallas who has made fighting crime and ending the war on cops the centerpiece of his campaign and done it effectively. He proposes hiring 2,300 police, getting cops back on the beat and at CTA platforms and riding CTA trains, beefing up the detective ranks, using helicopters and drones against carjackings, ending what is in effect, a no-chase against fleeing criminals, and, critically supporting and treating cops like the vital members of our society that they are. READ MORE

NEW YORK SUN Crime Takes Center Stage in Chicago’s Mayoral Election Crime, not police reform, is top of voters’ minds in 2023, which is a problem for someone elected on a police reform platform.

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