“A Jewish citizen who marries a resident of the Palestinian Authority will not be able to grant her citizenship”

Citizenship Law gets second chance as Knesset passes first reading
by David Isaac
February 10, 2022

The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law has a new lease on life, passing its first reading in the Knesset on Feb. 7, the start of a lengthy legislative process. The law, which essentially prevents Palestinians from “marrying into Israel,” went down to defeat during a passionate debate in July, but has been resuscitated as center-right Knesset members from both sides of the aisle consider it essential for Israel’s security and demographic stability.  The Citizenship Law—also referred to more colloquially as the “family reunification law,” first passed in 2003 and renewed subsequently each year—is designed to stem the flow of Palestinians entering Israel through marriage, usually to Arab Israelis, after which they are eligible for Israeli citizenship or permanent residency. READ MORE

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