CAMERA researcher: “As I have said many times before, make Jews unhappy, they’ll send letters. Offend the sensibilities of Islamists and you might get killed”

The Pinch Point is Upon Us
Dexter Van Zile
February 4, 2022

…The upshot is that I no longer have any difficulty understanding why many young Jews and Christians in the U.S. are starting to distance themselves from Israel. They have been bullied and intimidated into remaining silent. When that crowd shouted “Zionist go home,” they were sending a message to anyone, Jew or otherwise, who would dare to speak in defense of the Jewish state in their presence. But it won’t end with Jews or Israel. Just as lies about Israeli use of force against the Palestinians have been used to portray the Jewish state as an evil country with no right to exist, lies about American history have been used to justify the same message about the United States, with terrible effect. In response to this dishonest narrative, elected officials have struggled to maintain the monopoly on force in American cities with disastrous results for the people who live in these cities regardless of their skin color. READ MORE

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