The Times articles coincided with a surge in violent antisemitic attacks “targeting the visibly Jewish in New York City — the ones targeted by the New York Times”

Antisemitism and The New York Times
Ricki Hollander
January 6, 2023

The New York Times seems to be on a journalistic crusade to discredit New York’s Orthodox Jewish communities, particularly Hasidic ones. The centerpiece of the NYT campaign is its “investigation” of wrongdoing in and by Hasidic schools, the results of which were initially described in a 6000-word article splashed across the newspaper’s front page on September 11, 2022. The article was not restricted to merely criticizing the education offered by these schools but implied that Hasidic and Orthodox Jews are diverting resources from worthier New York public school students in order to generously bankroll their own students – a serious, albeit unproven, allegation that fosters a sense of grievance against that community. READ MORE

ALGEMEINER A Letter to The Pulitzer Prize Committee: Don’t Give Award for New York Times Yeshiva Series Agudath Israel, which represents both hasidic and non-hasidic Orthodox Jews, said the Times has an “obsession with spreading misinformation and demonizing Orthodox and Hasidic Jews.” It said the Times had published 13 articles in three and a half months on the topic, “using its enormous megaphone to spread hate.” 

THE JEWISH VOICE Phyllis Chesler: The New York Times’ Orwellian obsession with Israel The Times’ anti-Israel and anti-Judaism bias extends far beyond headlines. While ignoring the alarming increase in antisemitic incidents and the escalation of physical attacks against visibly Orthodox Jews, primarily by African-American men, the Times instead chose to demonize Jews and Judaism.

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