Attn: #NYT, an historical fact: “Throughout the centuries, Jews dwelled from Hebron to Hyrcania, Nablus to Naaran, Susya to Shuafat, Jericho to Jerusalem, and across the biblical heartland”

The New York Times Erases Jews. (Again.)
Gilead Ini
April 13, 2022

Once again, the New York Times has taken aim at Jewish history. Once again, in doing so, the paper has shown that, given the choice between embracing anti-Israel narratives or straightforward, factual journalism, it too often chooses the former. In an April 10 story, Times reporter Raja Abdulrahim turned a historical fact into a dubious allegation, writing about the cradle of Jewish history: “Israel insists that there has been a Jewish presence in the West Bank for thousands of years.” Of course, the sustained Jewish presence in the area, long known as Judea and Samaria, isn’t a mere claim. It is a historical fact, and one that historians and archeologists — not to mention serious journalists — would have no problem attesting to. READ MORE

ALGEMEINER New York Times Writer Charged as Iranian Agent Is in ‘Ongoing Plea Negotiations’ A frequent New York Times opinion writer facing federal criminal charges of being an unregistered foreign agent of the government of Iran said in a letter to the court that he is negotiating over a possible plea deal in the case…Prosecutors say Afrasiabi was paid approximately $265,000 by the Iranian United Nations mission since 2007 and also received health insurance benefits…He has insisted that his writings represented his own views as a public intellectual and were not Iranian government-directed propaganda. The New York Times has yet to mention the case in its news columns, according to a search of its online archives. 

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