“Crain’s Chicago Business’ editorial board is endorsing a ‘NO’ vote on Illinois Amendment 1. Two Crain’s columnists did so, also, because of the unchecked power it would grant government unions”

Crain’s becomes 5th major newspaper to say vote ‘no’ on Amendment 1
Dylan Sharkey
November 2, 2022

Crain’s Chicago Business is the newest editorial board asking Illinoisans to reject Amendment 1. Prior to the editorial board’s endorsement, two of their columnists wrote against the amendment as well as The Wall Street JournalChicago TribuneDaily Herald and News-Gazette in Champaign. In addition to editorial boards, a prominent Democrat, former Chicago 43rd Ward Ald. Michele Smith, endorsed voting “no” on Amendment 1. Crain’s endorses a no vote because of the effect Amendment 1 would have on Illinois’ business climate. Voters will decide its fate Nov. 8. “In fact, it’s the very last thing this state needs. Bestowing special constitutional status on unions would give companies one more reason to avoid Illinois.” READ MORE

OPEN THE BOOKS Why Illinois Is In Trouble – 132,188 Public Employees With $100,000 Paychecks Cost Taxpayers $17 Billion So, just who is making all of this money Meet the Illinois government employee $100,000 Club. It’s comprised of 132,188 public employees and retirees who earned a new ‘minimum wage’ of $100,000 or more. While crime skyrockets in the neighborhoods, test scores plummet in the public schools, and inflation decimates private-sector paychecks, the Illinois public employee class is living the good life. 

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