“As the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in two affirmative action cases, Harvard’s president virtue-signals in an email blast”

Preening Over Preferences
Heather Mac Donald
October 31, 2022

…Harvard has little interest in diverse “economic . . . backgrounds” when it comes to race, contrary to Bacow’s email. Ever since a disastrous experiment in the late 1960s when Harvard did admit lower-income blacks (these admits bombed spectacularly), it has shifted its focus to middle-income and wealthy blacks, privileging the children of well-to-do blacks far ahead of the children of poor blacks. It is not “different circumstances” that Harvard seeks, but different skin color. Such skin color can serve as a proxy for different lived circumstances only under the assumption that racism is so ubiquitous in contemporary America that it disfigures the experience of the children of investment bankers. That assumption of systemic racism is now the controlling creed in academia…Nearly three-quarters of all Americans, including a majority of minorities, oppose using race in college admissions, according to a 2022 Pew Research survey.  READ MORE

WALL STREET JOURNAL Why Randi Weingarten Supports Harvard’s Discrimination Racial preferences help offset the inequities in K-12 education that teachers unions have created.

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