Have you heard the one about the Israeli Prime Minister and the UAE ambassador who end up in the same Georgetown restaurant ?

A Dinner and a Deal
Hosted by Michael Barbaro, produced by Michael Simon Johnson, Eric Krupke and Rachelle Bonja, and edited by Lisa Tobin
August 18th, 2020

In March 2018, Mark Landler — then a White House correspondent at The New York Times — attended a dinner party hosted by the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador, Yousef al-Otaiba, at a Washington restaurant. There he witnessed a chance encounter between the ambassador and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel — one the ambassador asked to keep private…Well, so it was March of 2018. My recollection was it was kind of a rainy night. And it was a dinner at a restaurant called Cafe Milano, which is in Georgetown. LISTEN TO THE 30 MINUTE PODCAST OR READ TRANSCRIPT

AG disclaimer: This podcast contains what appear to be factual errors (and questionable analysis) but interesting anecdotes.

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