J Street and If Not Now sign letter to Biden advocating for, among other things, defunding Pentagon

J Street, If Not Now among groups urging Biden not to appoint BDS critics on security jobs
July 8, 2020

J Street and If Not Now, two left-leaning Jewish groups, were among the signatories of a letter to Joe Biden urging him not to appoint Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement critics to national security and foreign policy jobs. The letter, dated Tuesday, was signed by 31 advocacies and said Biden, as the presumptive Democratic nominee, had a chance to achieve a “fundamental re-envisioning of the United States’ role in the world.” To do so, however, he would have to get all the right people on key national security and foreign policy positions, the letter warned, offering some ideas as to what the selection criteria could be. READ MORE

JNS US Palestinians urge Biden, if elected, to overturn Trump’s pro-Israel policies Palestinian Americans have been pressuring Democratic Party presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden to shift U.S. policy in favor of the Palestinians if he wins the election in November, Reuters reported on Thursday. According to the report, one source said that the pressure campaign has not had any significant impact.

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