Israel goes to the polls November 1: “From Netanyahu supporters to those trying to block his return to power, plus a TikTok star and a Telegrass activist, what you need to know about the parties running”

Fifth time’s a charm? ToI’s guide to the 39 parties vying for your vote, again
Carrie Keller-Lynn, Haviv Rettig Gur, Tal Schneider, Jacob Magid and Staff
October 26, 2022

On Tuesday, November 1, Israelis will return to the polls for the fifth time in 43 months. The outgoing “change government” crumbled after losing its razor-thin majority and succumbing to exactly the kind of ideological rifts its eight-party, big tent coalition sought to avoid. A right-wing and religious alliance is fighting to regain power after a year and a half in the opposition but, days out from the election, polls continue to show that without inter-bloc movement, the outcome may again be a deadlock. The November 1 vote, much like the four that preceded it since 2019, has shaped up to be a referendum on former and would-be prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Likud party leader. READ MORE

JPOST Israel Elections: Bibi bloc teeters on edge of 61 seats The right-wing bloc led by opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu is close to or will manage to reach the number of seats required to form a majority government, according to the last series of polls published by Israeli media ahead of the November 1 Knesset elections. According to a poll by KAN news on Thursday evening, the Likud will earn 31 seats, Yesh Atid will earn 24 seats, the Religious Zionist party will earn 14 seats and the National Unity party will earn 11 seats.

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