49 US Republican senators say they will not back new #Iran nuclear deal. This Isn’t #Obama’s Iran Deal. It’s Much, Much Worse.

Republicans Make It Clear They’ll Scrap Biden’s Weak Iran Deal
Carine Hajjar
March 14, 2022

Today, 49 Republican senators came out against the Biden administration’s impending nuclear deal with Iran. Republicans stressed two points: Any deal pursued by the Biden administration must hold Iran accountable for its destabilizing behavior and must receive congressional approval. The statement says that the Biden administration has “given away the store” by lifting sanctions that “were not even placed on Iran for its nuclear activities” but for its “ongoing support for terrorism and its gross uses of human rights.” The current potential deal, which is branded as a return to Obama’s 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, is actually far weaker; its most notable concessions include allowing Iran to maintain its nuclear gains since 2018 and lifting terrorism sanctions. READ MORE

TABLET MAG Gabriel Norohna: This Isn’t Obama’s Iran Deal. It’s Much, Much Worse. The last thing the world needs is another nuclear-armed dictatorship flush with cash and attacking its neighbors. But that’s what President Biden and his Iran envoy Robert Malley are creating in the deal they are about to close in Vienna, according to career State Department sources.

GATESTONE Khaled Abu Toameh: A Final Warning from Arabs to Biden In a message directed at the Biden administration and the other Western powers involved in the Vienna negotiations, the Arab countries said that Iran and its terrorist militias are continuing to create chaos and instability, especially in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon..It is not only Iran that threatens their security, but also its terrorist proxies, including Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and the Houthis.

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