“Iranian media continue to release more detail about its alleged nabbing of Mossad agents who tried to recruit a member of Iran’s IR-6 centrifuge team at its Fordow nuclear facility”

Iran blames Israel for destroying hundreds of Iranian drones
Yonah Jeremy Bob
March 16, 2022

The latest exchange between Israel and Iran may be a result of Israel having destroyed hundreds of Iranian drones last month, according to a mix of Israeli and Lebanese reports. Neither country had even mentioned the reported attack on a critical base in Western Iran until earlier this week, when it was first reported by the Lebanese television station Al Mayadeen, which is linked to both Hezbollah and Iran. Tehran blames Israel, but Jerusalem has not taken responsibility. Haaretz confirmed the report on Tuesday with extra detail, as did other Israeli media. According to Al Mayadeen, the destroyed Iranian drones was the reason for Saturday night’s Iranian missile attack on Erbil on an alleged Mossad training base. READ MORE

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