U.S. Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides isn’t just out of touch with the reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He sees his job not as fostering good relations, but telling Israelis what they can and cannot do

An envoy from a failed past points towards a problematic future
Jonathan S. Tobin
March 18, 2022

…Israelis and American friends of Israel were aware that [Ambassador Thomas] Nides and his boss, President Joe Biden, have a different point of view about the Jewish state, as well as the conflict with the Palestinians, than that of former President Donald Trump and his envoy to Israel, David Friedman. But what his conversation laid bare wasn’t just hostility to the views of the overwhelming majority of Israelis, including many in the current government. Nor was it about what Trump tried to do in order to shake the Palestinians out of their intransigence and to help facilitate normal relations between the Jewish state and much of the Arab world. Like others in the administration these days, he is determined to stick with the foreign-policy establishment’s failed Middle East policies of the past to try to force Israel to do things that voters of that democratic nation have repeatedly rejected. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Lahav Harkov: US offering $1 million to report on Israeli human rights violations The grant raised concerns for the potential of abuse by organizations to act against Israel via BDS and international law tribunals.

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