“Ukraine was careful in the past not to side too closely with Israel as it balanced its relations in the Middle East. Israel, too, was careful to balance its relations”

Israel not at fault for Russia-Iran axis, drones in Ukraine
Editorial Board
October 27, 2022

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky blamed Israel this week for the Russia-Iran alliance which has enabled Moscow to import Iranian drones and terrorize Ukraine.  Zelensky’s misleading comments at the Haaretz conference are historically incorrect. Russia has been working with Iran for decades on defense technology, from missiles to air defense. Russia has even helped Iran to expand its nuclear power program through expanding capacity at the Bushehr nuclear plant. Zelensky claimed this week that the Iran-Russia alliance “would not have happened if your politicians had made only one decision at the time, the decision we asked for.” He claimed that Ukraine has been asking Israel for help since 2014, when Russia first invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea. READ MORE

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