“What ‘Kings of Capitol Hill’ (and others) get wrong is how AIPAC sticks to its principles even when they’re inconvenient for either side of our polarized political scene”

That’s not the AIPAC I know
by Wendy Singer
September 22, 2020

The recently screened film, Kings of Capitol Hill, has put a spotlight on AIPAC and its role in the American political scene. I am a former staff member of the organization, and was struck by what a misguided story it portrays. The film is based on old and tired myths about AIPAC. But it is precisely because there is nothing new in the film that it reveals some basic misunderstandings about AIPAC that even fair-minded people might hold… I believe that AIPAC’s refusal to stake out a political solution for Israel is what drives critics who claim AIPAC is losing its way. READ MORE

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