“Jewish Voice for Peace’s Acknowledged Goal: Dividing Jews and Eliminating the Jewish State”

“Jewish Voice for Peace” (JVP): What the Media is Concealing
by Ricki Hollander
February 7, 2019

Is it any wonder, then, that some news consumers think JVP [Jewish Voice for Peace] is just a pro-peace organization representing Jewish interests while opposing certain policies of the current Israeli government? Nothing can be further from the truth: JVP lobbies against Jewish interests, using its “Jewish” label to shield it from accusations of anti-Semitism while it tries to disguise its shameful purpose in the misleading language of peace and human rights. Far from being “inspired by Jewish tradition to work together for peace, social justice and human rights,” as its website sanctimoniously declares, its animus is not directed against any specific Israeli policy or leader as much as it targets support from any headquarters for a Jewish state. READ MORE

JNS Dan Diker: Do Jewish Voice for Peace and the PLO share the same goals? Some Jewish groups across the United States have attempted to mainstream “anti-Zionism”—the rejection of Israel as the nation of the Jewish people. Jewish anti-Zionists see themselves as erasing the remaining “evil” of the last century following the collapse of fascism, Stalinism and South African apartheid. These self-proclaimed “progressive” anti-Zionists distinguish “anti-Israel Jews” from their Arab and Islamic counterparts.

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Hebron: “Following Israel’s expulsion of TIPH observer force, Palestinian activists try filling the void by launching their own patrols to document alleged Israeli settler violence”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
In Hebron, Palestinians patrol in place of ousted foreign monitors
by Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff
February 15, 2019

Following Israel’s expulsion of an international observer force from the West Bank city of Hebron, Palestinian activists are trying to fill the void by launching their own patrols to document alleged Israeli settler violence…”By expelling the international monitors, the Israeli government wanted to hide the Israeli settlers’ and soldiers’ violations, but we will not let them get away with that,” Issa Amro, an activist leader, told The Associated Press…Yishai Fleisher, a settler spokesman, said the Hebron Jewish community is “fully against violence and vigilantism” and doesn’t condone its members’ altercation with Amro and the other volunteers. At the same time, he accused Amro of being an “instigator,” and the main source of tension between Jews and Arabs in Hebron. READ MORE

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“In an age of conspiracy theories, what chance do we have against the oldest conspiracy theory of all?”

Democrats and Anti-Semitism: The problem isn’t ‘tropes’ that are ‘hurtful.’ It’s policies that aim to wipe out the only Jewish nation.
by Abigail Shrier
February 13, 2019

….That Ms. Omar would slander Israel is disturbing not because of the feelings it tramples. Since her appointment to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, her statement raises alarm about how her enmity for the world’s only Jewish country—and the world’s largest Jewish population—might translate into policy aims. The issues for Israel’s supporters are security and survival, not hurt feelings, which are trivial in comparison. Assuming that all Jews love gefilte fish, play klezmer music, and suffer overbearing mothers? Those are stereotypes. Actively working to isolate Israel and accusing pro-Israel Jews of bribing Congress isn’t “insensitive.” It’s something far darker and more malevolentREAD MORE SUBSCRIPTION CONTENT

THE NATION The Maddening, Baffling, Exhausting Endurance of Anti-Semitism
…But fighting anti-Semitism is like boxing a hydra. The scholar Deborah Lipstadt defines anti-Semitism as in essence a conspiracy theory. This makes it a very different sort of prejudice than mere disdain or closing one’s country club to Jews. Anti-Semitism is a worldview, more or less detailed depending on the dedication of the anti-Semite. Distilled to its essence, it’s a postulation of nefarious, transnational control by Jews of institutions, inspired by malevolence and cunning unique to us as a people.

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“According to local Syrian reports, Israeli tanks shelled a number of Assad regime positions in Quneitra”

Netanyahu confirms Israel artillery strikes in Quneitra, Syria
February 11, 2019

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday confirmed Israeli artillery strikes on military positions in Quneitra, an area along the Golan Heights border, on Monday. “We are working every day against Iran in Syria, including yesterday,” Netanyahu said before leaving for a US-led conference on Middle East peace and security in Warsaw. Monday’s strikes are the first on regime positions along the Golan Heights border since mid-2018.  READ MORE

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“Sharpton refers to himself as a “reverend,” but he never attended any seminary. He has attended a different cloistered institution: prison”

Reform Jews and Al Sharpton: Strange bedfellows
by Chris Robbins
February 12, 2019

The Religious Action Center of the U.S.-based Union for Reform Judaism has announced that its upcoming “Consultation on Conscience” leadership event will include a controversial community activist who built his career inflaming racial and religious prejudices. Al Sharpton first came to my attention in August 1991, when he helped incite a three-day race riot in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y. READ MORE

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“Iran’s Islamist regime, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary today, scores highest in the world when it comes to executing people per capita”

The 40th Anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran
by Majid Rafizadeh
February 10, 2019

It therefore came as a shock to those who had put their faith in Khomeini’s radical party, that soon after its rise to power, these guaranteed protections quickly changed…The head of the Jewish community, Habib Elghanian, a businessman and philanthropist, was  executed immediately. His granddaughter, Shahrzad Elghanayan, writes that the execution had taken place “after a 20-minute trial on trumped-up charges.” His murder sent a strong message that, under the new Sharia system, other religions would not be tolerated. Rule of law was out the window…READ MORE

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“Funny thing, that. Just last December, Cory committed himself to co-sponsoring anti-BDS legislation”

Cory Booker’s Jewish Enablers
by Shmuley Boteach
February 11, 2019

Upon his rise into the Senate, however, Cory’s support for Israel has cratered…This past Thursday — less than a week into his race — Cory removed all doubt as to just how firmly he would pander to anti-Israel extremists whose support he believes he needs to secure his party’s nomination. Cory voted against a critical federal anti-BDS bill, itself designed simply to protect Israel from being brought, economically, to its knees. Known as the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act (S.1), the act provides legal cover to state governments that seek to stymie the BDS movement. READ MORE

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