“Israel’s Arrow missile defense system neutralized threat of 200 kilo warhead fired by Syria”

‘Syrian Missile Intercepted by Israel on Friday had 200KG Warhead
by Anna Ahronheim
March 20, 2017

The ballistic mi sssile fired by Syria last week posed a direct threat to Israel and its citizens, Brig.-Gen. Zvika Haimovich, commander of the IAF’s Air Defense Division, said on Monday. “Last week on Friday morning the Air Defense Command understood that Israel faced a ballistic- missile threat,” he said. “In this situation there is no room or time for question marks or dilemmas. Our operational rules are very clear in this regard: to neutralize any threat that poses a risk to Israel and her citizens. And that is what we did, and that is what we will do in the future.” READ MORE

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“To celebrate #WorldWaterDay, ISRAEL21c takes a look at 10 water innovation projects bringing clean water to communities across the world”

10 ways Israel’s water expertise is helping the world
by Abigail Klein Leichman
March 20, 2017

Using ingenuity to overcome its serious water challenges, Israel has become the go-to expert for a world facing an impending water crisis. This year’s WATEC  expo and conference, to be held in September in Tel Aviv, is expected to attract 10,000 stakeholders from 90 countries seeking Israeli solutions for water issues. Israel exports $2.2 billion annually in water technology and expertise. In addition, these commodities are shared on a humanitarian basis through training courses, consultations and projects…About 92% of Israeli wastewater gets treated and 75% is used for agricultural irrigation. Israel plans to recycle 95% of its wastewater for irrigation by the end of 2025. READ MORE

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“Israel must stress again and again, before it happens, that these Lebanese villages storing Hizballah weapons have become military posts, and are therefore legitimate targets”

World Shrugs as Hizballah Prepares Massive Civilian Deaths
by Noah Beck
March 21, 2017

Hizballah leader Hassan Nasrallah recently warned Israel that his Iran-backed terror group could attack targets producing mass Israeli casualties, including a huge ammonia storage tank in Haifa, and a nuclear reactor in Dimona….Hizballah’s advanced weapons and the systems needed to launch them reportedly are embedded across a staggering 10,000 locations in the heart of more than 200 civilian towns and villages. The Israeli military has openly warned about this Hizballah war crime and the grave threats it poses to both sides, but that alarm generated almost no attention from the global media, the United Nations, or other international institutions. READ MORE

FDD LONG WAR JOURNAL Israel Carries Out Two Strikes Against Assad Regime, Hezbollah Targets in Syria

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Jews and Parkinson’s Disease

Are Jews at Risk for Parkinson’s Disease?
by Leonard Sokol
March 20, 2017

Parkinson’s is so stigmatized among her fellow Haredi Jews that she forgoes the use of the word disease altogether. “Parkinson’s is very isolating, and is usually viewed as a death sentence in this Haredi community,” Levine said. “Some people would prefer to receive a diagnosis of late-stage cancer. Rabbis in the community are anxious to change that—and they know this is wrong. Because of the stigma, these patients remain at home and quickly turn into invalids.” Along with her friends, she is trying to reverse the tide through her backing of nascent support groups, such as Tikvah for Parkinson’s, that strive to educate families about the prognosis of the disease, what studies are ongoing for mutation carriers, and provide activities that promote exercise and psychological well-beingREAD MORE

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“It is not time to push for a confederated solution – or any solution – and it is unlikely the Arab states will soon come forward and meet their obligations under Resolution 242”

The Opposite of a Two-State Solution Is Not One State
by Shoshana Bryen
March 20, 2017

…There are presently three “states,” or at least three governments, west of the Jordan: Israel, the Palestinian Authority (PA), and Gaza. Pro-Israel “two-staters” think Gaza and the West Bank territory should become one state with Israel as the other, assuming-for-no-reason that it is Hamas that will disappear. Hamas vociferously disagrees. Assuming-for-no-reason that a single PA-governed state does emerge in both places, Israel would be left divided north from south by a corridor across the country so Palestinians could access both parts of their state. Arab armies tried multiple times to sever Israel’s waist in pursuit of conquest — this would have Israel do it for them. READ MORE

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Israel is 11th happiest (and 9th healthiest) country in the world; Tel Aviv is World’s 7th greenest city

Israelis’ health and happiness among highest in world
by Hezi Sternlicht and Eli Leon
March 21, 2017

Israelis rank among the healthiest and happiest people in the world, and some even rank among the richest, new reports show. According to the 2017 World Happiness Report, published Monday by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network to mark International Day of Happiness, Israel is the 11th happiest country for the years 2014-2016. The report measured a variety of factors, such as gross domestic product per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, generosity, perception of corruption and freedom to make life choices. Norway topped the list and was followed by Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands, Canada, and New Zealand, with Australia rounding up the top 10. READ MORE

NO CAMELS Urban Jungle: Tel Aviv Named World’s 7th Greenest City

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Confessions of a Climate Change ‘Denier’

Confessions of a Climate Change ‘Denier’
by Thomas Smith
March 17, 2017

A few days ago I had a conversation with a very smart university professor of history and somehow the climate change subject came up. Almost instantly he responded to my thoughts by saying: “You must be one of those deniers who rejects the science consensus.” This is the new form of intellectual bullying and it’s intentionally designed is to stop the conversation not advance it. In the academies it is a technique to close off scientific inquiry…There are two things necessary for a mass movement to succeed: true believers and a well-defined enemy. The enemy of the climate change mass movement is fossil fuels and the Industrial Age, with the “deniers” being the enablers of planetary destruction. READ MORE

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