“After weeks of confused answers, Trump admin breaks from decades of U.S. policy to back Israel”

Trump Admin Declares Jerusalem Part of Israel in Major Policy Shift
by Adam Kredo
May 22, 2017

The Trump administration declared the president is in “Jerusalem, Israel,” on Monday for a series of meetings with Israeli officials, a proclamation that breaks with years of American policy refraining from stating that the city of Jerusalem is part of Israel. Senior Trump administration officials had ignited a wave of controversy over the past several weeks when discussing Jerusalem, with some top officials refusing to say that the ancient city is part of Israel. Decades of U.S. policy has refrained from formally labeling Jerusalem as part of Israel due to concerns this could negatively impact the Middle East peace process, in which Palestinian leaders have staked a claim to the city as their future capital. READ MORE

JNS Amid airtight security, Trump visit brings hope of ‘historic gains’ in the Middle East

FORWARD Saudis Deny Visas For Israeli Reporters Covering Trump Visit

TIMES OF ISRAEL Trump makes history as first serving US president to visit Western Wall

ISRAEL HAYOM In Israel, Trump calls visit ‘rare opportunity’ for peace

PJ MEDIA Hot Mic Picks up Trumps and Netanyahus Sharing Mutual Disdain for the Press

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NY Jews learning how to fight: “Inside Legion, the non-profit organization training Jews to protect themselves”

Meet The Jewish Warriors Training To Fight Anti-Semites
by Jennings Brown
May 17, 2017

…[Jon] Loew started this non-profit self-defense organization, in 2015, as he was noticing a rise in anti-Semitism in the U.S. The Anti-Defamation League reported there was a 21 percent increase in anti-Semitic incidents in 2014. In 2015, there was a 50 percent rise in assaults on Jewish people. Attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions have only continued to surge in the Trump era. “We did not start to build bunkers or gather up weaponry,” Loew told Vocativ. “We decided, let’s do something that’s a proportionate response and set up a program that will train young Jews and their friends who are not Jewish. READ MORE

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“Affirming Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state would render a definitive and unparalleled ideological body blow to political Islam”

Tillerson Needs To Put On His Big Boy Pants And Lead Embassy Move To Jerusalem
by Andrew Lappin
May 18, 2017

Political Islam’s most historically offensive fabrication is its continued effort to historically eradicate the 3,300-year-old connection between Jerusalem and the Jewish people. What stroke of audacity would more emphatically punctuate the beginning of a new strategic vision than the relocation of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem? Such a move, in the face of the current wave of Islamist hostilities, appears intuitively reckless in the short term. But looking at the bigger picture, the strategic endeavor of invalidating the perceived integrity of political Islam’s ravenously supremacist ideological core calls out for a strong opening move. READ MORE

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Former Congresswoman Shelley Berkley’s passionate speech against BDS, anti-Israel hate

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“It is becoming increasingly impossible for Jews to reconcile their religion and their peoplehood with the politics of the left”

An Anti-Israel Hillel Grows in North Carolina
by Daniel Greenfield
May 17, 2017

When Muslim terrorism broke out in Israel, J Street used Hillel to host Lara Friedman of Peace Now, an anti-Israel group, which blamed the violence on the “settlements”. Friedman violently hates Israel. A typical article is headlined, “Israeli Occupation Is Poisoning America’s Democracy”. She and Peace Now have been fighting against legislation that would prevent BDS. Lara Friedman has attacked Israel everywhere from the UN to UNC. We don’t expect much from the UN. Jewish parents of Hillel students expect more from UNC Hillel. READ MORE

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“Throughout the Obama administration, US officials illegally leaked top secret information about Israeli operations to the media”

Trump and Israel: Enemies of the system
by Caroline B. Glick
May 18, 2017

The United States is sailing in uncharted waters today as the intelligence-security community wages an all-but-declared rebellion against President Donald Trump. Deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein’s decision on Wednesday to appoint former FBI director Robert Mueller to serve as a special counsel charged with investigating allegations of “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump,” is the latest and so far most significant development in this grave saga. Who are the people seeking to unseat Trump? This week we learned that the powers at play are deeply familiar. Trump’s nameless opponents are some of Israel’s greatest antagonists in the US security establishment. READ MORE

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“An attack on American values…hardly the first incident of violence on American soil perpetrated by those loyal to the thug in Ankara”

A Thug in Washington
by Noah Rothman
May 17, 2017

Perhaps unaccustomed to America’s tradition of free and unfettered expression, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s bodyguards reacted like animals when confronted by protesters demonstrating near D.C.’s “embassy row” on Tuesday. Photos and videos of the scene reveal a disturbing melee between Turkish thugs and demonstrators. Washington D.C.’s police chief called it a “brutal attack,” and it was. Young women were thrown to the ground and beaten by Erdoğan’s security staff. Demonstrators were kicked in the face.  READ MORE

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