“After Nelson’s book, no one should be able to take the work of the BDS professors seriously, given their reliance on propagandistic lies”

The Big Lie
by David Mikics
June 5, 2019

Fiercely anti-Zionist students have become a fixture on American college campuses. They depend on professors for their doctrine, and the professors are spreading disinformation, as Cary Nelson, president of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) between 2006 and 2012, shows in his valuable new book, Israel Denial: Anti-Zionism, Anti-Semitism, and the Faculty Campaign Against the Jewish State. Nelson’s argument is simple: If you want to single out Israel as uniquely worthy of condemnation among the nations of the earth, you have to sign on to a series of lies. BDS’ chief campus influencers, including Judith Butler, Steven Salaita, Saree Makdisi, and Jasbir Puar, traffic in hyperbolic calumnies about the Jewish state that are easy to refute—if, that is, one is interested in facts rather than blatant prejudice. READ MORE

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“Palestine” is a fiction “a concept that refers to an imaginary entity, not real but socially constructed”

I stand by what I wrote on “Palestine”
by Phyllis Chesler
June 12, 2019

I dare to say, at the risk of being shamed and shunned for telling the truth, that “Palestine” is a fiction, a concept that refers to an imaginary entity, not real but socially constructed. Even as barbarians terrorize civilians everywhere…the world remains divinely diverted, even obsessed by the alleged “occupation” of a country that does not exist..Although non-existent, “Palestine” is so sacred a concept that one risks being shamed and shunned for saying so. The world’s honor is now bound up with this falsity. And why? Because this is an idea that allows Jew haters the world over to continue their genocidal lust towards Jews, both in Israel and around the world. READ MORE

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Chernobyl survivors in Israel: “A 2001 law promised housing and medical care to this group of heroes, but scandalously has never been implemented”

1,500 Chernobyl ‘liquidators’ live in Israel. They are appallingly mistreated
by Ksenia Svetlova
June 13, 2019

The much-discussed new TV series, “Chernobyl,” which focuses on the worst nuclear disaster of the twentieth century, has reminded the world about what happened at the plant’s No. 4 nuclear reactor 33 years ago….The vast majority of the hundreds of thousands of Chernobyl “liquidators”— those who were called in to deal with the immediate aftermath of the catastrophic nuclear leak — who are still alive today reside in the former Soviet Union. But about 5,000 of them immigrated to Israel at the start of the 90s, and 1,500 of them still live here. READ MORE

FEDERALIST HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’ Makes A Powerful Argument Against Relative Truth As the far left rises, ‘Chernobyl’ provides viewers with a surprisingly rare, honest, and raw look at the reality of socialism.

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Jason Hill’s open letter to AG William Barr on subject of Palestine and BDS

Disband Students for Justice in Palestine and All BDS Movements
by Jason Hill
June 12, 2019

Mr. Attorney General, On May 16, 2019, The German Parliament voted, as you know, to condemn as anti-Semitic, the BDS movement in Germany…BDS targets Israeli organizations, academic institutions and companies engaged in entrepreneurial activities in Israel to weaken the Israeli economy and politically in an attempt to force Israel to change its policies towards Palestinians living there. BDS movements, mainly conducted by their most visible branch,  Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)  are prolific on US campuses and enact a reign of verbal terror, and physical and psychological violence against anyone who dares to be pro-IsraelREAD MORE

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“US Ambassador David Friedman has broken a hypnotizing spell in US foreign policy regarding the disposition of Judea and Samaria”

ISRAEL HAYOM (by agreement with JNS)
4 reasons Israel should consider annexing part of the West Bank
by James Sinkinson
June 12, 2019

In an interview with The New York Times last week, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman boldly made the claim that Israel has a right to annex some, but “unlikely all,” of Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank)…Friedman’s statement breaks sharply with a long-standing US policy of regarding Judea and Samaria as the future home of a Palestinian state. Indeed, the Obama administration stood aside as the United Nations Security Council in December 2016 passed Resolution 2334 stating that Israel’s settlements in Judea-Samaria constitute a “flagrant violation” of international law. READ MORE

HAARETZ Alan Dershowitz: Trump’s Ambassador Is Right on Israel’s Annexation. His Posturing, pro-Palestinian Critics Are Wrong David Friedman is right: International law supports Israel retaining some of the West Bank. I should know – I helped draft it

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Our middle classes “became nauseated by the constant elite trashing of their culture, history and traditions, including the tearing down of statues, the Trotskyizing of past heroes, the renaming of public buildings and streets”

Why Are the Western Middle Classes So Angry?
by Victor Davis Hanson
June 12th, 2019

What is going on with the unending Brexit drama, the aftershocks of Donald Trump’s election and the “yellow vests” protests in France? What drives the growing estrangement of southern and eastern Europe from the European Union establishment? What fuels the anti-EU themes of recent European elections and the stunning recent Australian re-election of conservatives? Put simply, the middle classes are revolting against Western managerial elites. The latter group includes professional politicians, entrenched bureaucrats, condescending academics, corporate phonies and propagandistic journalists. READ MORE

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Gibson’s Bakery vs Oberlin “I suspect the jury hated Oberlin and its students and wanted to punish both”

Jury awards Gibson’s Bakery $33 million in punitive damages
by Thomas Lifson
June 14, 2019

It appears that the ordinary folk who live in proximity to hyper-progressive campuses are fed-up with being the objects of false accusations of racism (and all the other imaginary offenses ending in …isms and …phobia), and want to incentivize change in academia. The same jury that awarded a local bakery $11.3 million in compensatory damages from Oberlin College (for background on the case see thisthisthis and this) added another $33 million in punitive damages, intended to send a message to the defendant and to similar institutions that such behavior is strongly discouraged. READ MORE

POWERLINE The Jury Hated Oberlin In my view, the main significance of the jury’s verdict is that it shows how normal people react when they are exposed to today’s campus leftism. You cannot sell to a normal person the idea that it is “racism” for a store to catch a student stealing a bottle of wine, and call the police, merely on account of the student’s skin color. Social justice warrior culture is insane…

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