Europe and its Jews

Three Jewish papers take the unprecedented step of publishing the same page on Labour antisemitism
July 25, 2018

Today, Britain’s three leading Jewish newspapers — Jewish Chronicle, Jewish News and Jewish Telegraph — take the unprecedented step of speaking as one by publishing the same front page. We do so because of the existential threat to Jewish life in this country that would be posed by a Jeremy Corbyn-led government. We do so because the party that was, until recently, the natural home for our community has seen its values and integrity eroded by Corbynite contempt for Jews and Israel. READ MORE

TIMES OF ISRAEL Mike Pence condemns anti-Jewish attacks in Europe Addressing religious freedom conference, US vice president bemoans French and German Jews being warned not to display their religion in public

THE TELEGRAPH ‘We no longer feel safe in Britain. Anti-Semitism is forcing us to leave our home’ Over the past four years, something has begun to happen in London. You bump into a couple who you haven’t seen for a while in the supermarket, or find yourself at a dinner party sitting next to an old acquaintance, and the conversation quickly turns to one topic: leaving. Quietly, without fuss or fanfare, Jewish people…are packing up their homes, selling up and moving abroad. And I am one of them.

NEW YORK TIMES ‘They Spit When I Walked in the Street’: The ‘New Anti-Semitism’ in France

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