Latest Women’s March board member canned. “She called Zionism ‘racism’ and said ‘blaming Hamas for firing rockets at Israel is like blaming a woman for punching her rapist'”

Women’s March vote off new board member Zahra Billoo over tweets about Israel and Zionism
by Daniel Sugarman
September 19, 2019

A newly appointed board member of the Women’s March has been voted off it just days after her new role was announced, after tweets promoting extreme anti-Zionism and conspiracy theories were revealed. Zahra Billoo, a lawyer and executive director of CAIR.. in San Francisco, tweets included: “Zionism is the violent ideology responsible for the genocide and displacement of indigenous Palestinians and the destruction of Palestinian land.” She described Zionism as “racism”, and wrote in 2015: “I’m more afraid of racist Zionists who support Apartheid Israel than of the mentally Ill young people the #FBI recruits to join ISIS.” READ MORE

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