With the birth of Israel “suddenly the Jews, about whose inordinate power bigots had fantasized for 2,000 years, had some real power to defend themselves”

Sorry, Liberals: Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitic
by Petra Marquardt-Bigman
August 7, 2018

…The truth is, there is no difference between the two. For anti-Semitism did not stop evolving with the Nazis. Jew-haters everywhere consider Israel to be the Jew of nations, representing all that is evil and must therefore be shunned and eradicated. The far right gets this — in fact, it’s why they find common cause with the left. White supremacists have embraced Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the British Labour party; according to David Duke, former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, Corbyn’s election as party leader was “a sign that people were recognising ‘Zionist power’ and ‘Jewish establishment power’.” READ MORE

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