How a group of Jewish physicists helped the United States beat Nazi Germany in the race for nuclear weapons

The Jewish Nucleus of the Second World War’s Atomic Drama
by Alex Gordon
September 17, 2021

…Starting in 1943, the anti-fascist Bohr took part in the Manhattan nuclear project that led to the deaths of 120,000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, while the German patriot Heisenberg, who worked for the Nazi war machine, didn’t accomplish anything that would lead to the death of even one person. This says approximately nothing about the moral weight of either men. Heisenberg tried to make a bomb to use in a war of aggression and failed. As for Bohr and his colleagues on the Manhattan project, they were fighting for their lives. One of the creators of quantum mechanics, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Max Born, a German Jew, later wrote: “Exiled physicists knew that there would be no escape if the Germans were the first to succeed in building the atomic bombREAD MORE

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