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WaPost Op-ed: “All American Muslims are somehow affiliated with or sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood”

CLARION PROJECT US Mainstream Media Shills for Brotherhood (Read: Qatar) May 13, 2019 Many mainstream media newspapers have joined The New York Times in shilling for the Muslim Brotherhood— claiming that the movement gave up violence years ago and such a designation stems … Continue reading

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“Jews have no idea that they might have been killed this year” at 3 not-yet-identified synagogues

FRONT PAGE MAG 3 Muslim Terror Plots Targeted US Synagogues in 3 Months by Daniel Greenfield April 11th, 2019 …To the three Muslim synagogue terror plotters, anti-Semitism was a fundamental component of their religious and political values. Killing Jews was … Continue reading

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Chicago’s own Louis Farrakhan is “quite possibly the most popular anti-Semite in America”

FORWARD Louis Farrakhan Doesn’t Just Have An Anti-Semitism Problem — He Has A Slavery Problem by Charles Jacobs April 24, 2018 …While neo-Nazis and white supremacists drummed up a mere few hundred people at their “national” rally in Charlottesville, Farrakhan’s recent … Continue reading

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“American culture must be convinced that Islam, while it has plenty of diversity, has a mainstream strain — sharia supremacism — that is not a religion but a totalitarian political ideology hiding under a religious veneer”

NATIONAL REVIEW How Sharia Supremacism and Judicial Imperialism Threaten National Security by Andrew C. McCarthy May 27, 2017 …As we have previously observed, in order to install the vetting system we need, the challenge of Islam must be confronted head-on … Continue reading

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Justice Department: We’re worried about Islamophobia, but anti-Semitism? Not so much.

ALGEMEINER Why Won’t the US Justice Department Investigate Antisemitism? by Johanna Markind October 21, 2016 Despite the Obama administration’s touting itself as the most transparent in history, its Justice Department has stonewalled requests for information about its efforts to combat antisemitism; this stands in stark contrast to … Continue reading

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Petraeus warning of #IslamoPhobia, gives us recipe for “setting the world on fire even more than it is now”

JIHAD WATCH Petraeus calls for self-censorship to avoid offending Muslims by Robert Spencer May 14, 2016 [Referring to this Washington Post column by David Petraeus] the lesson of all this is one that no less a figure than General Petraeus … Continue reading

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15 areas of concern with Obama speech

ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA Obama Speech a Disgrace, Full of Falsehoods and No New Policy by Staff December 7, 2015 President Obama’s terrorism speech was a frightening disgrace. Not only was there no new policy, but it was filled with … Continue reading

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