Petraeus warning of #IslamoPhobia, gives us recipe for “setting the world on fire even more than it is now”

Petraeus calls for self-censorship to avoid offending Muslims
by Robert Spencer
May 14, 2016

[Referring to this Washington Post column by David Petraeus] the lesson of all this is one that no less a figure than General Petraeus has imbibed and is now propagating himself: Muslims don’t like when we say we should stop Muslim immigration for awhile, and they join the jihad. So we must stop saying it, so that they won’t join the jihad. This argument will only encourage them to tell us they’re joining the jihad because of other things we do as well (which they’re already doing), so that we will stop doing those things as well. Petraeus is saying that in the wake of violent intimidation by Muslims, the West’s proper response is to give those violent Muslims what they want, by conforming our speech to suit them. In reality, this will only encourage more violent intimidation. So if we take Petraeus’ advice, it will not result in less jihad, as he claims, but more: more aggressive Muslim demands on the U.S., more rage, and more “revenge.” READ MORE

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