France has a grim recent history of deadly attacks on Jews. This looks like the latest.

French presidential rivals seize on death of Jewish man as ‘antisemitic attack’
Angelique Chrisafis
April 5, 2022

The death of a young Jewish man in Bobigny, north of Paris, has shocked France and sparked outrage among French presidential candidates, who seized on it to denounce criminality and a possible antisemitic attack. Jérémy Cohen, 31, was killed when he was hit by a tram in Bobigny in February, which was initially reported in local media as a traffic accident. But when his family leafleted the area to see if local people had more information on what had happened, a witness came forward with video footage, which circulated online this week. Cohen, who had a disability, was surrounded by a group of men and attacked. As he escaped, he was hit by the tram and died shortly afterwards in hospital. READ MORE

ALGEMEINER Mother of Jérémy Cohen, Killed While Fleeing From Gang Assault in Paris, Urges Caution on Claim of Antisemitism

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