“Of the hundreds of hate crimes committed against Jews in NYC since 2018, many of them documented on camera, only a single perpetrator has served even one day in prison”

It’s Open Season on Jews in New York City
Armin Rosen
August 28, 2022

…Perhaps the attack, which stemmed from a seemingly innocuous dispute over a parking space—a common enough occurrence in a densely populated place like Crown Heights, and one that almost never ends with anyone in the hospital—was just too fraught of an event for the police to want to handle too aggressively. Maybe someone feared that drawing additional attention to a group of young Black men attacking a prominent Orthodox Jew would threaten to inflame tensions in a neighborhood with a long but mostly improving (and generally misunderstood) history of racial division. READ MORE

JNS Muslim man in France turns himself in after murdering Jewish roommate with ax He ultimately confessed that he killed Eyal Hadded, 34, with an ax and burned his face because he is a Jew.

TIMES OF ISRAEL French Jewish man killed in suspected antisemitic attack buried in Israel ‘Antisemitism in France does not spare any Jew there,’ says Beersheba chief rabbi at funeral for Eyal Haddad; mourners urge French authorities to take strong action

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