Israeli relations improving with Greece, Saudi Arabia and….Pakistan ?

In Second Visit to Israel, Greek Military Chief Touts Strong Bonds
June 8, 2022

Israel welcomed the chief of Greece’s armed forces with an honor guard on Wednesday, amid increasingly close ties between the Mediterranean nations. Gen. Konstantinos Floros, head of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff, was greeted by IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi, ahead of discussions regarding the situation in Ukraine and security developments in the eastern Mediterranean. Floros also visited to the IDF’s Intelligence Corps’ Unit 9900, which is responsible for aerial and satellite imagery. READ MORE

ISRAEL HAYOM Saudi Arabia moves closer to forging ties with Israel The Wall Street Journal claims Riyadh is engaging in “serious talks” with Jerusalem about establishing business ties, and bolstering security coordination.

HAARETZ Thanks to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan’s Recognition of Israel Is Now Inevitable Pakistan can’t afford to remain the last Sunni Islamist bastion resisting Saudi normalization with Israel. But the country’s rulers, both political and military, want safeguards against a frenzied domestic backlash

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