“This problem, this abyss, this malaise at the heart of the republic’s democratic civilization, is something that we, the French people, must ponder and repair together”

The Metaphysics of the Sarah Halimi Affair
by Bernard-Henry Levy
April 29, 2021

The killing of Sarah Halimi is much more than a snippet of local news. It is a major event. Let’s review what happened. We have a murder of unimaginable savagery. We have a woman living alone, struck in the head, tortured, thrown from a window, killed. We have an act that everyone, starting with the judges, agrees was antisemitic. We have a killer, Kobili Traoré, known to be a radical Islamist, who attends a Salafist mosque, and who killed this mild-mannered and simple woman just because she wore a short wig and strove to serve God by observing His commandments. And we have a legal system that, upon the conclusion of a prosecution, an appeal, and a final ruling, found that the criminal, although guilty, was not responsible for his actions and therefore could not be condemned. READ MORE

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