“University administrators do nothing or very little to address the pro-boycott activities of faculty, entire departments and student groups”

Noting and confronting anti-Semitism among the ‘educated’
by Kenneth Levin
April 27, 2021

A March 29 article in the online news magazine Tablet titled “Are Educated People More Anti-Semitic?” reported that a carefully crafted survey of Americans by authors Jay P. Greene, Albert Chang and Ian Kingsbury found that the more highly educated did exhibit a greater level of anti-Semitism. The authors note that this result runs contrary to the widely held assumption linking intolerance, including intolerance of Jews, to ignorance and viewing greater education as the solution…But this finding should hardly be surprising to anyone who has been paying attention. The authors note that the ADL Global 100 study reported higher levels of anti-Semitism among the educated compared to those less schooled within some Muslim populations and associated this with school systems that may explicitly teach hatred towards Jews. READ MORE

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