An unprecedented exodus has taken place in France. Muslims enter, Jews flee – and the decision makers call it “multiculturalism”

Multicultural barbarians are emptying France of its Jews
by Giulio Meotti
October 5, 2021

…Bensoussan tells Le Figaro what is happening to the Jews of France: “For safety reasons, Jewish children have massively abandoned public education. In the neighborhoods there is a climate that recalls the worst memories of the Jewish Maghreb. It is a French defeat and not a Jewish defeat, because the whole of French society is threatened by what threatens Jews today. For the descendants of Jews who have left the Arab world, the anti-Semitism of the ‘neighborhoods’ is once again a nightmare. It is a trauma to be overwhelmed by a climate of persecution that was thought behind and that condemns them to undergo a new exodus, abroad or in France itself: thus, the Seine-Saint-Denis has lost 80% of its Jewish population in twenty years “. READ MORE

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