“Tel Aviv-based startup staffed by former members of IDF intelligence units, who set up false identities and infiltrate black hat groups to foil cyber-attacks”

White-Hat’s hackers trawl the dark web in hunt for criminals
by Shoshanna Solomon
June 1, 2017

The offices of White-Hat Ltd., a cybersecurity firm in the heart of Tel Aviv, contain the typical trappings of a startup: workers waltz in at all hours on electric scooters or bikes, a ping pong table dominates the large open space and rows of desks with computers jostle each other around the sides of the room, to promote teamwork…These hackers know the shady secrets that lurk in that online universe called the dark or deep web, a world that works in parallel to the internet we know in a realm most of us are thankfully unaware of. It is a zone where users can surf anonymously and largely without a trace, and it is populated by arms dealers, pedophiles, terrorists and cyber criminals, among others. You can hire a hit man on the dark web, or buy a stolen credit card, and do it without leaving a footprint. READ MORE

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