Jewish community ignored all the warning signs about President #Obama

Obama discards his court Jews
by Richard Baehr
December 28, 2016

Of course, Obama always had his enablers in the organized Jewish community and among the leading pro-Israel groups who vouched for him and trashed his critics. Now, Obama has had his lackeys stick the knife into Israel while he is swimming and golfing in Hawaii. He has no more elections in which he needs to present a fake pro-Israeli veneer, and his anointed successor went down to defeat at the hands of Trump, of all people. His legacy is a crumbling mess — from Obamacare, through the courts overturning his executive actions and those of his rogue agencies, to half a million dead and half the population displaced in Syria (Obama’s Rwanda) to the Iran deal, probably the worst giveaway in American diplomatic history. READ MORE

AG comment: My personal theory is that a (depressingly) large portion of the Jewish community doesn’t care that much about Israel in the first place, so who cares if he’s anti-Israel? Besides, many Jews agreed with Obama that it was Israel’s “right wing” government that was to blame for the lack of peace in that region.

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