“Trump would do well to remember: He was elected president, not factory boss”

What happens if Trump keeps interfering with the free market? Look at the Soviet Union.
by David E. Hoffman
November 30, 2016

For Donald Trump and Mike Pence, the news from Carrier looks like a slam-dunk: A company that was going to move 1,000 jobs to Mexico has agreed to keep the factories and jobs open in Indiana after the president-elect and vice president-elect applied a little pressure. We don’t know exactly what subsidies, tax breaks or other deals may have been involved, but workers making furnaces in Indiana are cheering, and Trump is basking in triumph. He promised in the campaign to apply his deal-making stills to stopping the exodus of U.S. manufacturing jobs abroad. Now he can claim some success even before being sworn in. But after the celebrating should come some discomfort. Trump’s aggressive rhetoric suggests he sees nothing wrong with pushing corporate chieftains around in the name of making America great again. READ MORE

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