#Trump White House deliberately omits mention of Jews or anti-Semitism in Holocaust Remembrance Day statement

Holocaust Museum Issues Statement After White House Defends Omitting Jews From Remembrance Day Remarks
by Mahita Gajanan
January 30, 2017

The Holocaust Museum issued a statement on Monday explaining why International Holocaust Remembrance Day is particularly important to Jewish people after the White House deliberately omitted any mention of the 6 million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust or the virulent anti-Semitism of Nazi Germany in its recognition of the day. The White House said it purposely did not mention Jews because others were also victims of the Holocaust, drawing immediate criticism for minimizing the genocide. White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Monday defended President Trump’s statement, calling critics “pathetic.” While the Holocaust museum did not directly reference the White House’s defense, it took care to explain that Nazi Germany and its collaborators systematically targeted Jews. READ MORE

THE HILL Jewish aide wrote Trump Holocaust statement

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