Paris suburb: Two sons of Jewish community leader forced off the road by men shouting, “Dirty Jews, you’re going to die!”

Jewish brothers targeted in anti-Semitic attack in Paris suburb
by Staff
February 24, 2017

Two sons of French Jewish community leader Armand Azoulay were attacked in the Paris suburb of Bondy on Thursday. According to a report by the i24 news website, the brothers, ages 29 and 17, were driving through Bondy when they were forced off the road by a group of men described as having a “Middle Eastern appearance.”…after being forced to stop the car, the brothers sought help at a nearby hookah bar, but a group of customers came out into the street and joined the assailants, beating, kicking, and threatening them. One attacker reportedly took a saw out of the trunk of his car and attempted to saw off the fingers of one brother. One report said a finger had been severed in the attack, but Azoulay denied that report. READ MORE

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