Yaakov Katz & Amir Bohbot, ‘The Weapon Wizards: How Israel Became a High-Tech Military Superpower’

The Mother of Invention
by David Isaac
April 15, 2017

 They [IDF] also have an admirably dismissive attitude toward army regulations. The premier example is Brigadier General Danny Gold, who developed the Iron Dome. Gold met “overwhelming opposition” to his idea for a rocket defense system. But he was undeterred, going “beyond the usual Israeli chutzpah,” according to Katz and Bohbot. He told Rafael, Israel’s state-owned defense company, to start developing the system and go into production as soon as it was ready—orders only the IDF chief of staff and defense minister can issue. Gold basically threw out the IDF rulebook. By the time the state comptroller issued a report chastising Gold, the Iron Dome had already proven a startling success. Gold is considered a national heroREAD MORE

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