Kathy Griffin “culturally appropriates” an Islamist executioner, yet there’s no outcry from the left

Kathy Griffin Needs To Check Her Infidel Privilege
by A.J Caschetta
October 19, 2017

…[Kathy] Griffin’s defiant lack of contrition for her cultural appropriation of a time-honored radical Islamic tradition is appalling. Not unlike a white guy selling burritos, a white woman doing yoga or a non-Hispanic wearing a sombrero on Cinco de Mayo, Griffin’s decapitation stunt emulated a sacred Islamic ritual without a full appreciation of the culture from whence it originates. Griffin, after all, is a liberal provocateur, a female artist, a supporter of gay rights – all anathema to the jihad ethos. READ MORE

PJ MEDIA Cosmo Says Moana Halloween Costume Is Racist…or said differently, It’s so racist for your daughter to pretend she’s a Polynesian Princess.

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