“The recent outbursts on our streets have their root in the idea that only one opinion is the correct one and all others must be shut down”

Rage when you disagree: How ‘safe spaces’ led to today’s political mobs
by Karol Markowicz
October 14, 2018

…After the 2016 election, we heard lots of admissions that many of us reside in political bubbles where we never hear outside opinions. For a while, it seemed like the consensus was that this was a negative thing. But now people increasingly retreat to these bubbles, proudly, and never learn how to handle political disagreement. The result is the rage we’re seeing now. The more we shut off hearing the other side’s point of view, the more likely we are to see these mobs spring up….When the other side is seeking to “destroy what you stand for,” or “undermine our democracy,” violence doesn’t seem so far-fetched. READ MORE

FREE BEACON Not Our Kind: The problem of book reviewing through tribal identification Whatever your identity, background, or political ideology,” Haidt and Lukianoff [The Coddling of the American Mind] suggest in what is, in essence, a self-help book and parenting guide, “you will be happier, healthier, stronger, and more likely to succeed in pursuing your own goals” if you (1) stop “eliminating or avoiding everything that ‘feels unsafe,'” (2) stop “always trusting your initial feelings,” and (3) stop “assuming the worst about people within a simplistic us-versus-them morality.

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