“Until a year and a half ago, Yonatan was still called Lutz. In the past he congratulated his friends with “Heil Hitler.” Now he is a Jew”

From Heil Hitler – to a Kippah and tefillin
by Staff
December 27, 2018

Today, Yonatan puts on Tefillin every day. But just a few years ago, under a different name, he would greet his friends by saying “Heil Hitler.” Like many others, Jonathan was indoctrinated into the extreme right when he was a teenager…Yonatan described how he was taught “you have to completely destroy the Jewish world domination.” One night, Yonatan had a dream in which the word ‘Kabbalah’ appeared. When he awoke, he began to research what his dream had been about and discovered the Kabbalah, the Jewish mysticism. READ MORE

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