Malkah and #YishaiFleisher thoughtfully unpack last weeks Israel elections. And how to talk to #JStreet

The Yishai Fleisher Show: Israeli Elections and J Street

First, Yishai and Malkah talk about the winners and the losers – and the blessings – of the Israeli 2019 general elections. Then, Yishai addresses a JStreet student audience about a real liberal vision for the future of the State of Israel.

MOSAIC The Common Sense of Israel’s Voting Public Israelis are neither blind to Netanyahu’s flaws nor fooled by his diversions. They chose him because he best reflects their political values and best secures their interests.

THE SUN Winner in Israel Turns Out To Be New Voting Law Who was the real winner in the recent Israeli elections? The answer: the 2014 electoral law. It requires a list to garner at least 3.25 % of the vote to get seats at the Knesset.

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