Jews who hate Jews at the New York Times: “The rhetoric of the likes of Ku Klux Klan and far-right anti-Semites is beautifully conveyed by the caricature published in one of the world’s most liberal newspapers”

Does Jewish anti-Semitism exist?
by Ben-Dror Yemini
April 28, 2019

One of the most influential newspapers in the world, the Jewish-owned New York Times decided to present the Jews with a gift in honor of the last day of Passover – a major Jewish holiday – an antisemitic caricature. The controversial cartoon shows US President Donald Trump as a blind man with a skullcap on his head, being led by a dog that looks like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And to make sure the reader knows it is indeed the Israeli premier, the dog has a Star of David dangling from its collar. READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Flood of condemnations of New York Times for anti-Semitic cartoon US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell called the cartoon “despicable,” and the American Jewish Committee said it was “naked antisemitism.” Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas, 2nd District) wrote that “even if unintentional, the Left has normalized antisemitism under the guise of criticizing US-Israel foreign policy.”

TIMES OF ISRAEL Likud minister links New York Times to Nazis over Netanyahu cartoon Gilad Erdan urges dismissal of those responsible for caricature of Trump and PM; leaders’ sons Yair and Don Jr. lash ‘anti-Semitic’ drawing

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