Adam Sandler film opens, a “curious intersection of Jewish jewelers and African-American musicians and NBA stars”

Gritty new Adam Sandler film ‘Uncut Gems’ is aggressive, and aggressively Jewish
by Jordan Hoffman
December 23, 2019

…He [Sandler] works that curiously Jewish lane in midtown Manhattan, West 47th street, known by most as the Diamond District. He lives on Long Island’s north shore and keeps an Upper East Side high rise apartment with a younger (non-Jewish) employee/mistress. He’s always working the angles, always this close to a big score, he’s got a hundred calculations going on in his head at all times and it’s either about to come crashing down or he’s going to make it to the Promised Land. READ MORE

Uncut Gems scores 93% on Rotten Tomatoes

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