5 rules from a veteran of ‘various security services,’ or how a well-trained team can make the difference between life and death in an emergency

Synagogue security: Not a do-it-yourself job!
by Yael Shahar
December 30, 2019

…A handgun is no match for a rifle in terms of stopping power or accuracy. Professional security people train long and hard just to avoid friendly fire instances in a firefight. It is doubtful that most armed congregants will have that kind of training. I can think of nothing worse than a number of people armed with handguns all opening fire in a crowded space. Given that reality, it is preferable to have one or two people with appropriate weapons whose job it is to stand guard during services, and to monitor entrances. READ MORE

DAILY WIRE An Armed And Trained Jew Is The Best Kind Of Jew American Jews — who also disproportionately live in geographically tight-knit urban or suburban areas — tend to be among the least-armed members of the American polity. A 2005 American Jewish Committee study revealed that just 13% of Jewish homes reported owning a gun — less than one-third of the percentage of non-Jewish homeowners.

TIMES OF ISRAEL New York Jewish community hires security czar amid rash of attacks Mitchell Silber, who headed NYPD Intelligence unit, to lead effort aimed at helping Jewish institutions in city and some surrounding areas protect themselves

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