“As we watch our cities burn, we cannot fool ourselves by thinking that what happened in France in the 1790s, in Russia in the 1930s, in China in the 1960s and in Cambodia in the 1970s cannot happen here. We owe it to ourselves and our children to make sure that it doesn’t happen here”

Collective Guilt Is a Catastrophic Mistake
by Laura Hollis
June 4, 2020

During my lifetime, the national conversation about race has gradually moved from culpability for individual behavior to culpability for ideology to collective culpability without regard to behavior or ideology. This transition is significant. It is deliberate. And it is dangerous. Focusing on “discrimination,” as our laws have done for decades, places the emphasis on conduct , which can be clearly identified and prohibited. Individuals (or groups) who engage in that prohibited conduct can be penalized. Punishing an attitude of racism, however, is more problematic. It is one thing to condemn it. But how do you penalize or sanction it, apart from the conduct that reflects it? READ MORE

JERUSALEM POST Ruthie Blum: Right from Wrong: Ellen DeGeneres, George Floyd and Iyad al-Halak SADLY, LOVE, peace and communication are far from the minds of the looters who have been destroying storefronts and stealing anything they can lay their hands on, including from mom-and-pop shops owned by black people. But then, those involved in the rape of US cities do not care about the man in whose name they claim to be smashing windows and beating innocent people to a bloody pulp.

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