Traditional Jewish delis are about as rare in Chicago as giant slices of New York-style pizza

Hungry Hound:Jeff & Jude’s brings pick-up Jewish deli to Chicago’s Northwest Side
by Steve Dolinsky
October 2, 2020

…It’s only open a few hours on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. But the few items on offer are certainly worth driving to pick up, especially if you miss the hearty breads and smoked meats, like I do, from a bygone era. Ursula Siker was a baker in L.A., so when she decided to open Jeff & Jude’s Jewish Deli – an homage to her folks, located on the cusp of Humboldt Park and Ukrainian Village – eggy, braided challahs and rustic country loaves would have to be a part of her menu. “We had a really large Jewish deli community where I come from, and so when I moved to Chicago, one of the first things I noticed was there was a lack of it in the city itself. READ MORE

Order from Jeff & Jude’s Jew-ish Deli in Chicago’s Humboldt Park 1024 N. Western Avenue, Chicago, IL You MUST order online, one hour before their pickups begin. Fridays, 5 – 7 pm (so ordering starts at 4 pm), Saturdays and Sundays, 11 am – 2 pm (so ordering starts at 10 am both days)

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